Changes to Funeral Restrictions

May 27, 2020

As of June 1, the restrictions on funeral attendance will be eased again.

We will now be able to have 50 mourners at both indoor and outdoor funerals (excluding the officiant and funeral staff) but social distancing requirements still apply. An indoor venue must still allow for 4 square metres per person. This will mean that, despite the new limit, the venue size will ultimately dictate the number of mourners allowed. For example, our Camperdown chapel is a small venue, being only roughly 54 metres square. This means the attendance limit is 13 people.

If a funeral is held in a private home, a maximum of 20 people can be present (including the officiant and funeral staff).

In both cases, we are required to keep records of each person attending (name and phone number) for contact tracing purposes.

Wakes are separate events to funerals and normal gathering limits apply. If held in a restaurant or community hall, up to 20 people may attend. If held in a private home, up to 20 people (including the normal residents of the household) may attend.