Update to Covid Restrictions (23rd November)

November 23, 2020

Yesterday, Premier Dan Andrews delivered some very good news.

After months of caution and restrictions, we have now reached the last step towards “Covid normal” and are in a position that many in other countries would find enviable. We should enjoy these new freedoms, so hard-earned, but also be conscious of how quickly things can change.

What this means for funerals

Funerals will be allowed to have up to 150 people, subject to density limits of 4 square metres per person. This means that if the funeral is held indoors, the size of the venue may restrict how many people are allowed to attend. For example, our Camperdown chapel can still only accommodate 14 people despite the easing of restrictions.

Funerals will continue to be private and by invitation only. We will be utilising QR code record keeping at the entrance of venues and cemeteries and ask that attendees arrive a little earlier than usual to allow time to sign in with this new method. In addition to masks being mandatory indoors, we also ask that they are worn outdoors at funeral services as 1.5 metres distance cannot always be maintained.