Funeral Restrictions

March 25, 2020

Funerals are meant to be the coming together of families and communities to pay tribute to a life that has touched our own; a time to offer support and comfort to one another in a time of grief.


At the moment, for the health and safety of everyone, this is not possible in the traditional way.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s announcement on Tuesday night ushered in a bevy of changes, among them the limiting of funerals to a maximum of 10 people in attendance as of midnight Wednesday. In practice – and accounting for necessary funeral staff and a celebrant – this may mean only 7 or 8 family members at a service.


For grieving families, choosing who gets to attend the funeral is a horrible decision in an already distressing time. We at Macqueen’s Funerals are in the process of setting up remote viewing options for families to hopefully alleviate this burden a little.


It’s natural to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during these unprecedented times. We are lucky that, more now than ever, we have the technology to stay connected even if we can’t physically be together. Talk to people you trust, check in on friends and family. We are all in this together.


The health and safety of our client families and the community we serve, as well as our team at Macqueen’s Funerals, is our highest priority. Please, stay safe.